When Learner driver used pram as a car seat

Published on: 16 Jul 2014
When Learner driver used pram as a car seat

Car seat? Not really. Image: NSW Police

A female learner driver lost her licence for three months when she used a pram as a car seat for 2-year-old child.

Police say they stopped a white Kia Cerato sedan in the Macquarie Fields area yesterday at about 11.30am and discovered that the 35 year old female was a Learner licence holder. The driver did not have a supervising driver with her. The vehicle was not displaying L plates.

Of particular concern was the two year old child in the rear seat. The child was sitting in a pram that had been removed from the base and wheels. The pram was not secured to the vehicle in any way.

The female was issued a number of infringement notices for being a Learner Unaccompanied, Failing to Display L Plates and Drive with a Child Unrestrained as Prescribed. Her licence was also suspended for three months for the Unaccompanied Learner offence.